About us:

We do interaction & user experience design.

We’re passionate about design. We focus on making people’s lives easier by designing and building websites, web tools & products.

Who we've worked with:

We’ve helped hundreds of companies and organisations achieve their goals through innovative branding and communications, intelligent information design and a user centred approach to design and development of web based tools and products.

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Our approach:

Because we’re all about people, when we work with you we collaborate. We’re here to help you innovate, evolve and implement digital tools and products that help your customers. We tailor our services to your needs, and so our approach is adaptable. However, to give you an idea of what working with us is like, here’s the typical phases of a project:

1. Research & planning

During this phase our aim is to understand your problem fully, the requirements of the project and get to know your company and your customers. It’s during this phase we develop a project plan and timescale.

SM “This phase helps us really understand the people behind the problem - that’s you, your team and your clients & customers. From there we can map out how best we can solve your problem.”

2. User experience design & digital strategy

Because our approach places people at the centre of everything, we then develop the user journeys and information architecture. The goal here is to simplify and enhance the experience of using the digital product we create and map out the best way to guide your customer through using it.

DM "UX design enables us to establish and develop the best way for a user to manoeuvre through your site easily, intuitively and ensuring maximum conversions."

3. Visual design

Now that we’ve got to know you, your business, your team and your customers we take that knowledge and conceptualise the visual design of the digital product. We create a number of options to discuss with you and based on your feedback, refine the visual design.

DM “Our broad knowledge of branding combined with strong digital skills allows us to understand how to make your brand work interactively, on screen, and online”

4. Development & technical integration

This is when our front and backend developers take the information architecture and design concepts and build the digital product. We choose the right technology for the product based on a full set of technical considerations and our extensive experience of developing bespoke digital products.

AJ “We use a wide range of technology and select the right platforms, language, systems and software based on what’s right for you and your users.”

5. Handover, maintenance & support

Projects don’t just end at handover. Once we’ve ensured the handover is as seamless as possible, we provide any technical documentation, training, ongoing maintenance and technical support as you need. We continue to review and refine the product and work with you to ensure the it continues to solve the initial problem mapped out in phase 1.

TS “Our ongoing client relationships are testament to this phase of the process. A digital product is a living thing and will change and develop over time.

Our story:

We started with two desks, two computers, one phone and a passion to create useful products that solve problems. We still have that passion for design, thinking and making, but 12 years on we’re a dedicated, hands-on team of 7 strategists, planners, designers, thinkers, coders, makers and technologists.

Meet the team

Our services:

Whether you work with us on a full programme - from initial research and strategy through to design and development, or just need one or two key services - you’ll get our full love, attention and expertise from start to finish.

Research, planning & strategy

Stakeholder research
Competitor, usability & accessibility reviews
Brand & user workshops
Contextual enquiry
Heuristic review
Brand & marketing strategy
Digital strategy
Technical strategy and planning
User research & testing
Guerilla testing
A/B Testing
Ethnographic research

User experience design & information architecture

Structure charts and diagrams
User stories, journeys and flows
Flat & interactive wireframing

Visual design

Brand identity, innovation & expression
Art direction
Website design
Interface & interaction design
App design
Email communications
Online campaigns
Diagrams & infographics

Online execution & technical development

Front & back end development
E-commerce & payment gateways
Technical integration with backend systems
Database architecture and creation
App development
CMS design & build
Search Engine Optimisation
Google analytics
Performance analysis
Campaign management

We also offer maintenance, management, tracking & support.