In the Deep shade

Sandra Meek
12th April '13

The studio went to our friend and collaborator Conor Masterson’s London film premiere of In the Deep Shade.

Our friend Conor Masterson, has recently filmed, directed and produced a feature-length documentary about Irish band The Frames. We designed his website and have a long collaborative relationship with him. With popcorn in hand, we went to the London premiere at Brixton’s Ritzy cinema.

Following the band over 18 months, the film contrasts turbulent on-stage performances with thoughtful moments of reflection. The photography is beautiful and the art direction perfectly sums up the music, but Conor has also managed to present a revealing portrait of the group without being too prescriptive.

After the film, there was a short Q&A with the director which revealed more about the film-maker’s processes. He went into the project with a dream brief - to make an art film in whichever way he though appropriate, and without any creative interference. This allowed him to film loosely and on-the-fly, capturing the true dynamic within the band. To watch the trailer, go to the In the Deep Frame website or see more of Conor’s work on the website we designed for him.