How can we be digital educators?

Sandra Meek
28th June '13

Through our support of Code Club, we’re hoping to equip today’s children for tomorrow’s world.

Modern businesses, both in the digital sector and elsewhere, bemoan the lack of IT literacy in school leavers and with the current curriculum they may be right to do so. But it’s our responsibility, as those in a perfect position to understand the shortfalls, to support the academic world, help shape ICT education in schools and encourage the next generation to enter into technology industries.

Organisations and startups such as STEMNET, Code Club, Tynker and Codecademy, are just a few of those leading the way in encouraging the business world to support the educational sector and improve IT literacy in the next generation of school leavers.

Because of this, we support such schemes and in particular, Code Club, an organisation that provides volunteers with the materials they need to hold after-school coding clubs for children aged 9 to 11 years old. Andrew, a developer here at Pretty, offers up his wednesday afternoons to teach kids at his local primary school the basics of coding, but more importantly, how to think logically and creatively. Code Club’s scheme helps to demonstrate that the technology used regularly on tablets, laptops and iPads still relies on human instruction, no matter how clever it might appear to be. It gives children the chance to see behind the ‘magic curtain’, and hopefully provide a platform for more advanced ICT learning in later academic years.

For more, see the Code Club website, or read more about Andrew’s experience on his blog.