BHF London to Brighton bike ride

Sandra Meek
20th June '13

On 16th June, Dom, Sandra and Bryan cycled from London to Brighton for the British Heart Foundation.

We’re big on cycling in the studio so, back in January, when the weather was dismal and the post Christmas blues were just wearing off, we were looking forward to get back on our bicycles. June seemed a long way off and we had ideas of lovely long bike rides in the sun. So, in order to give ourselves a bit of a challenge, we decided to cycle from London to Brighton as part of the British Heart Foundation’s annual charity ride.

On the morning of Sunday 16th June, we woke VERY EARLY to get to Clapham for the 9am start (although not as early as some who had a 6am start time!) In high spirits, we set off to cycle the 54 miles to the seaside. After a long, slow stretch out of London we hit the beautiful Surrey countryside, cycled through chocolate-box villages, hit total gridlock for about an hour and eventually after about 7 1/2 hours we hit the bottom of Ditchling Beacon. Knowing we were in for quite a climb, we stocked up on sugar and set off determined to make it to the top without stopping. Two of the team did so, the other got there with a mixture of cycling and walking - we won’t say who was who!

All in all the ride took us 9 long hours, but freewheeling the 8 miles from the top of Ditchling Beacon down to sunny Brighton was exhilarating and the crowds at the finish line made us feel like heroes!

Together, we’ve raised £603, but there’s still time to sponsor us on the Pretty JustGiving page.